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Booking Information

Interactive Training Solutions strives to meet clients' needs through individualized training, team building, and coaching program design, by building customized solutions centered on clients' needs, objectives, goals, and desired outcomes.  To accomplish this, Interactive employs a thorough process to fully meet and exceed clients' expectations, with an explicit attention to detail, and complete confidentiality.

The following is the process by which Interactive works with its clients' to create effective, engaging and lasting professional development.


Upon first contact with the client, whether by phone, e-mail, or in person, Interactive will begin the process of learning more about the organization or professional inquiring about Interactive's services, and the issues and challenges the session will address.  From this conversation, Interactive will ascertain and confirm contact information, conduct a preliminary client assessment, and set up an in-depth client assessment meeting either in-person or via phone call.


After first contact, a representative from Interactive will meet, either in-person or by phone, with the client and conduct a comprehensive client assessment to fully understand the needs, objectives, goals, and desired outcomes for the session.  At this meeting, the client will also set with Interactive all dates, times, amount of participants, personnel needed, room set-ups, and off-site locations for the session (if needed).  Additionally, this meeting gives the client the opportunity to find out more about how Interactive's methodology and approach to professional development can work for them.  The assessment meeting is free-of-charge to the client.


From the client assessment, Interactive will produce and deliver an in-depth proposal speaking to the details discovered during the assessment meeting.  Furthermore, the proposal will outline the needs, goals, objectives, and desired outcomes, and will be accompanied by several training and pricing options for the client.


Upon the client's acceptance of the proposal, Interactive will move forward in securing all dates, times, personnel, and off-site locations for the session (if needed).  Moreover, Interactive will begin to build a customized training, team building or coaching plan for the session.

Final Details

To further customize the session, or to adjust to any last minute changes, Interactive will meet, either in-person or via phone call, with the client to address all details for the session, and confirm all dates, times, amount of participants, personnel needed, room set-ups, and off-site locations (if needed).  From this meeting, Interactive will finalize the customized training, team building, or coaching plan for the session.  The final details meeting is included in the price of the session.

Day of Session

On the day of the session, Interactive will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the session to assure that all personnel and materials are in place and ready to begin the session at the client's specified start time.  Furthermore, Interactive will meet with the client to adjust to any day-of-session changes or details within the scope of work.  Additionally, Interactive will distribute to the client a comprehensive session evaluation, to further ensure the quality and efficacy of Interactive's work.


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