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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interactive Training Solutions?

Interactive Training Solutions, LLC, is a corporate training, team building, and executive coaching firm, based on improvisation and applied learning methodologies, and provides organizations and individuals with modular to fully customized solutions tailored to their unique issues and challenges. Interactive Training Solutions features experienced facilitators utilizing improvisation concepts and techniques to engage and empower participants and clients in forging new paths to success.

To learn more about Interactive Training Solutions please go to our About Interactive page.

What is improvisation-based applied learning?

Improvisation-based applied learning is Interactive's proprietary and proven methodology, which utilizes and incorporates the core principles, concepts and rules of improvisation by creating a safe learning environment, in which participants feel comfortable and receptive to embracing new ideas and strategies.  Interactive then marries applied learning (learning by doing) to the improvisation piece, further re-enforcing concepts, ideas, strategies and solutions through a dynamic and engaging learning format.

To learn more about improvisation please go to our About Improv page.

Do our participants have to be funny, or actors to participate?

No.  Interactive's programs do not require, obligate or promote participants to be funny or to be actors.  All that we ask is that participants are ready to have a great time.

How many participants can Interactive accommodate per session?

1 to how ever many participants you need training, team building or coaching for.  Interactive has worked with many satisfied clients to produce results in training, teambuilding and coaching sessions with various numbers of participants.

Who will be facilitating my session or event?

Interactive's facilitators are skilled, talented and professional facilitators with solid business and improvisation expertise and training.  Furthermore, Interactive's facilitators are trained to provide Interactive's proven and proprietary methodology and content in a professional and engaging manner.

How much will it cost to hire Interactive for my professional development needs?

The honest answer is: we don't know yet.  Interactive treats each client and project as if it were its only client or project, and thus builds customized programs and packages based on the client's needs, objectives, goals, and desired outcomes.  Since our programs and packages are customized, so are our prices.  However, we offer several pricing options with your proposal, which will correlate to varying parameters outlining the scope of your project.

To learn more about how to hire Interactive please go to our Booking Information page.

Do I have to buy your books, CDs or DVDs?

No.  Interactive is truly interactive.  We do not use books, CDs, DVDs, or manuals to conduct our training, team building and coaching sessions, nor do we require our participants to do so.  However, we may distribute supplemental materials (at no charge) during our sessions for participants' future reference.

What is the difference between Interactive and an improv comedy group?

Improv comedy groups tend to utilize improvised game-play and exercises that are geared more towards theatre and less towards business.  Furthermore, few improv comedy groups can offer the professionalism, expertise and business experience that Interactive's facilitators and methodology provide.  Additionally, few improv comedy groups offer dedicated programs focused on assisting organizations and professionals with assessment-based, diagnostic programs and methodologies.  However, improv comedy groups are great if you want to hire one for a show, or for any other entertainment purposes.  Interactive currently is partnered with Just The Funny Improv Comedy Theater Company, for all corporate and private entertainment services.

To learn more about corporate entertainment please go to our Corporate Entertainment page.

Does Interactive outsource its services?

No.  Interactive features its own unique, proprietary, and proven methodology, and its facilitators are trained exclusively to assist your organization and develop your human capital utilizing these methods and techniques.  Therefore, Interactive cannot, and will not outsource its services or facilitators, thus ensuring you the highest level of quality and best experience for your participants and organization.

Can Interactive provide or secure an offsite venue for my professional development needs?

Yes!  Interactive currently has partnerships and relationships with many meeting facilities and theatres in various cities.  If you are in need of securing a venue for your training, team building or coaching needs, Interactive can help.

Can Interactive travel to my location in another city, state or country?

Yes!  Interactive can travel anywhere in the world; to your location or the location of your choice for your professional development needs.

Does Interactive offer other services than what is listed on the website or promotional materials?

Yes!  Interactive is always developing new services for its clients, and beyond training, team building and coaching offers interactive presentations, seminars, classes and keynote speeches tailored to your needs.

To learn more about other services please contact us at

Can Interactive create a custom training, team building or coaching program for me?

Absolutely!  Interactive customizes every training, team building and coaching program based on the client's needs, objectives, goals, and desired outcomes.  Ask Interactive today how they can create and design a custom training, team building or coaching program to suit your needs.

To learn more about custom services please contact us at


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