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Improv for Business

Improv for Business (Bizprov) - Business Workshops 

Improv for Business (Bizprov)

Improv for Business (Bizprov) is a one-day, open-to-the-public training structured around identifying and troubleshooting a variety of communication, interpersonal and efficiency challenges facing businesses and individuals through role-playing exercises.  Based on the fundamentals of improvisation, Improv for Business (Bizprov) is a cost-effective, viable solution in training for small businesses and individuals with the following benefits:

  • Interactivity Improv for Business is based on surveying the needs of the client, and then addressing only those needs through improv based role-playing

  • Cost Effectiveness Improv for Business features a low cost alternative to the hiring of traditional corporate training consultants, and off-site teambuilding activities, via the packaging of affordable off-site workshops available to either individual or groups of small business personnel

  • Improv Education Improv for Business is based on the fundamentals of improvisation, which requires students to learn the basic skills of improvisation, which can be employed daily in business situations

  • Networking Improv for Business, when in the groups of small business personnel format, allows for informal networking between businesses and individuals, where students are able to work with those within and outside of their own company and/or industry

  • Problem Solving Improv for Business allows for small business personnel to address and solve problems facing them in their respective work environments, in a safe environment by recreating and solving problems through improv based role-play

  • Increased Awareness Improv for Business forces students to discover and recognize the environment and factors facing them prior to engaging a situation in improv based role-play

For more information, or to schedule a training session please contact:, or call: 888.770.7550.


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