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Key West Team Building

Key West Team Building

Interactive's Team Building sessions are one or half-day team building events featuring improv-based games and activities, focused on engaging and developing powerful bonds amongst participants with the following benefits:

  • Improvement of Active Listening Skills – Improv for Teambuilding uses and teaches the skill of improvisation, which at its’ root is the skill of listening.  Students will learn and improve this skill via improvisation game play

  • Building Trust – Improv for Teambuilding incorporates improvisation game play that emphasizes and promotes the team concept with is based on trust between two or more people

  • Fun Experience – Improv for Teambuilding is based on comedic improvisation, which students find both fun and fulfilling, and managers and employers find effective in reinforcing teamwork and the establishing and maintaining a group mind and attitude in the workplace

  • Competitive Attitudes – Improv for Teambuilding incorporates several activities and exercises that feature competition between two or more teams, which builds new, or reinforces existing bonds between employees’ relationships with one another

For more information, or to schedule a training session please contact:, or call: 888.770.7550.


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