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POWER Interviewing

Nail That Interview Every Time!

Interactive Training Solutions’ POWER Interviewing is the workshop that empowers professionals, from experienced to entry level, with the skills to present dynamic and impactful interviews, designed to leave a great impression and to positively influence decision makers.

POWER Interviewing, the highly engaging and innovative workshop, features comprehensive instruction on how to employ Interactive’s unique and dynamic interviewing methodology and skill builders to develop and deliver incredible interviewing skills, while presenting yourself in a confident and authentic manner.  As part of this interactive program, participants will incorporate Interactive’s powerful interviewing skill builders to bolster and refine their interviewing skills to help them nail their interviews every time.

The session concludes with a question and answer session with the facilitator, where participants can further refine their own style and get pointers for their interviewing skills.

Interactive's POWER Interviewing helps professionals with the following benefits:

  • Preparing for Your Interview – Power Interviewing sets you up for success by arming you with the skills to know what you need to know, highlighting your strengths, and managing difficult questions and situations

  • Boosting Your Confidence – Power Interviewing empowers participants with great tactics and tips to increase confidence, their most valuable asset for the interview

  • Making a Great First Impression – Power Interviewing gives participants the skills and tips to impress decision makers to pave a path of success for the interview

  • Managing the Interview – Power Interviewing equips participants with the skills to manage the interview from the first hello, to answering questions, to the last goodbye

  • Maximizing Your Success Rate – Power Interviewing provides you with the valuable skills to ensure success from what to say, to what not to say, and how to follow up

POWER Interviewing is a great value-added program for any professional seeking to increase their interviewing skills, by empowering themselves with this dynamic methodology.  If you are a business, non-profit, chamber of commerce, professional organization, or just want to increase your skill sets, book POWER Interviewing today!

POWER Networking Information - Interactive Training Solutions Download a printable version of the POWER Interviewing One Sheet: CLICK HERE

To book POWER Interviewing for your organization please contact:, or call: 888.770.7550.



There wasn't one thing I couldn't have benefitted from. David was AWESOME! It was well worth the money!


Overall a good value, very useful information. The concept of the interview as a process as opposed to an event, POWER Interviewing is a great investment.


I have already recommended POWER Interviewing to family and friends. This is a great refresher course for anyone getting ready for the interview process.


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